It's Official: Aurel Bacs and Phillips' new watch department will host Only Watch 2015

As previously suspected, for the 6th Only Watch charity auction to be held in 2015, Phillip's auctioneers and their newly formed watch department will take over from Antiquorum as the organizers.

The Only Watch charity auction is usually held to coincide with the Monaco yacht show every two years and is highly anticipated within the industry. In a change to the previous years, instead of the unique watches donated by various significant watch manufactures being previewed globally and ending at the famous Monaco Yacht Show for the auction. In 2015, the preview will start at the Monaco Yacht Show in late September with the auction being held in Geneva in November, presumably to coincide with the traditional Geneva watch auctions held at that time of year. This change probably came directly from Aurel Bacs, the man who, prior to a successful decade at Christies, previously ran the Phillips watch department and has been entrusted with its revival.  Previously the manufactures were on a tight timeline to get their respective 'unique' watches ready post Basel and the event, although widely attended, risked being missed by the larger audience who turned up in Geneva. By postponing the auction, Bacs has managed to maintain the vital association with Monaco, give the manufactures more preparation time to create something spectacular and ensure that the event is widely attended as everyone will be in Geneva anyway. Well done Sir.

Of course, as President of the Jury for the annual Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneva, an event which is viewed as the Oscars for watches, I expect Mr Bacs association will have plenty of influence and incentive for the manufactures to create something special for the inaugural Phillips/Only Watch 2015. For those interested in attending don't forget to book your November 2015 Geneva tickets and hotel early, it will, I promise you, be busy.

For more details and information on the event click on the below link.