WATCHES: Peter Speake-Marin hits the big screen

When the actor Pierce Brosnan went looking for inspiration regarding his new role as a watchmaker in the upcoming movie 'Survivor', he turned to the real-life English watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin.

Picture posted on Pierce Brosnan's Instagram account with real-life watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin.

It's always good to see the Independent watchmakers being recognized for their exceptional work and contribution to the industry, but this is the first time I have heard of one being depicted on the big screen, I just hope it doesn't go to Peter's head.

Peter Speake-Marin is a highly talented English watchmaker now working in Switzerland. His classic 'Piccadilly' line of watches, launched in the early 2000's and named after his time spend restoring watches in the the Piccadilly Arcade in London, gained him his reputation for simple, timeless, designs. In recent years Peter has  progressed rapidly with his own movement calibre and highly popular 'Spirit' line of military-inspired watches.

The Speake-Marin Resilience model in a 42mm diameter red gold case with enamel dial and Eros calibre movement. Image ©speake-marin

Pierce Brosnan recently added this image to his Instagram account wearing a Speake-Marin Resilence wristwatch.

The actor, made famous by his portrayal as James Bond in the 007 movies from 1995-2005, apparently sought insight into how a watchmaker should be portrayed while working and used Peter Speake-Marin as his muse. Looking at the picture below taken on the set of Survivor with Mr Brosnan at work, he could quite easily be mistake for Peter.

 Pierce Brosnan photographed while filming 'Survivor', the movie is due to be released in 2015

Pierce Brosnan photographed while filming 'Survivor', the movie is due to be released in 2015

I recall back in 1990 when we both worked at Somlo Antiques and Peter Speake was my manager, the young man had a dream. That dream was to take the knowledge he had gained from years spent restoring vintage watches and apply it to modern watches. He knew the parts of the watch most likely to wear over time and also which movement and case designs withstood the years better. I am pleased to say Peter has kept to his principles and despite the passing of time, still believes in applying the same ideals he held then.

©peter speake-marin

DLC coated model from the highly successful Spirit collection. ©speake-marin

Let's hope Hollywood pays more homage to the often overlooked independent watchmakers in future and brings them to their rightful place under the spotlight. A movie about watchmakers? Just an idea.