Over on the watch forum PuristSPro, someone recently posted this picture of two incredible Rolex bubblebacks with the title 'a couple of cousins'.

Posted by rolexdoc on the watch forum purostpro

The watches, an almost identical pair of all original Rolex bubblebacks from the late 1930s/1940's era are both equally rare in a two-tone steel/pink gold ridged-hooded case. Probably both made for the American market, they also feature exceptional condition original dials and hands, one with a so called California dial with upper Roman and lower Arabic numerals and Mercedes hands, the other with a three-tone dial with Arabic numerals and small baton indexes with luminescent index hands. To top it off, they both have their respective original steel/pink gold ladder-link bracelets.

For anyone curious if their sub-seconds bubbleback dial is original or not, these are unquestionably original and make for an excellent reference.

Here is a link to the original post by rolexdoc.


Looking through rolexdoc's previous posts, back in August he showed off with this picture of another three amazing Rolex bubblebacks, prior to then he (or she) had posted the pictures below. All of the watches are in amazing condition and represent the best you could find, the fact that all ten were all posted by one person (!) makes it even more incredible. Just goes to show you how many great vintage watches previously appeared on the market that have since disappeared. Somewhere, there should, in theory, be collectors around the world with similarly impressive watches tucked away. If only they all followed rolexdoc's examples and let the new collectors out there see what they've been missing.

Another 3 amazing Rolex bubblebacks, all in original condition. 

I assume he is a bubbleback collector, or he just happened to post pictures of 10 of the most amazing examples anywhere. I suspect the former.

Steel and gold ridge-hooded bubble back with black California dial and Mercedes hands on 'grain of rice' bracelet. 

The bubbleback, along with the Rolex Prince, was one of the first collectable vintage wristwatches back in the late 1980s. Affectionately nicknamed for its bulbous reverse that housed the automatic rotor, the model was very significant in the growth of the Rolex watch company, released in 1931 it was the worlds first, effective, automatic wristwatch.

All gold hooded bubbleback with gloss black California dial and Mercedes hands.

Pink gold bubbleback with engine-turned bezel, pink California dial and Merceds hands. Just look at that perfect original dial!

Slightly earlier model with another amazing two-tone dial, note the mired effect to the outer track.

Seemingly unpolished case with perfect dial.