I recall regularly walking past Longmire cufflinks on Duke Street in St James as a teenager almost 30 years ago, the store, owned by cufflink connoisseur Colin Longmire, specialized in unusual or custom made-gold and enamel cufflinks in a very traditional setting, with no doubt very traditional English clients. Today they retain their routes with a classic style gold and enamel or bespoke range of cufflinks offered, however they have embraced and new clientele and moved with the times. With stores at the prestigious locations of Old Bond Street and Sloane Street in London, the independently owned company offers a wide range of fantastic cufflinks to suit a variety of budgets, in all manor of styles.

Classic enamel range, Longmire also offer bespoke enamel cufflinks made to your own design. GBP3,290

The most famous range from the British company is the stirrup and double stirrup, available in numerous colour combinations or set with precious stones they command real presence on your cuff.

Pink gold double 'giant' stirrup GBP6,700. The double portion goes around the edge of the cuff in a very distinct design

Rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, titanium, gem-set, classic enamel, steel, silver, animal or cartoonish themed, the options go on.

Bull cufflinks hand-carved in grey moonstone with garnet horns, rock crystal and mother-of-pearl eyes on an 18k white gold T bar mounting. GBP5,800.