'The References' represents the *second book on vintage Panerai from the team of Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann, released last year, according to their website the reference book is already sold out. Don’t worry though, their follow-up book ‘History1’ is out in print with ‘History2’ under construction. I have previously had correspondence with one of the authors, Volker Wiegmann, regarding a prototype model I was researching and can attest to his knowledge and professionalism, his opinion also seems to be well-respected among the Paneristi and considering they can be a tough-bunch to please, this says a lot. 

vp 3646.jpg

The authors knowledge and research is clearly evident, I have had need to use this book on a number of occasion’s when studying vintage Panerai and pleased to say they haven’t yet let me down, making it my personal 'go to' guide when it comes to vintage Panerai. The book is probably the most in-depth I have found when you are looking to authenticate a vintage model or identify a pieced-together watch. It cover’s the usual 3646, 6154, 6152 etc references and gives details such as variations in case designs; for example minor differences in size between a 6152 and 6152/1, that most would overlook.

Given the escalating value of good vintage Panerai watches in recent years I would highly recommend References to those looking to buy, or simply research. Printed in tri-language German, Italian and English it is quite in-depth and can read more like a text book, rather than just full of pretty pictures, but that’s what makes it a worthwhile purchase.

* Ralf Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann’s first book on Panerai was ‘Vintage Panerai - Watches with History’