Essential reading: Top ten watch books for reference

The best way to learn is to research; you can do this online by following forums etc but personally I enjoy the old fashioned way, with books. That said there are an overwhelming number of options out there for the beginner, just take a quick look through Amazon and you can find numerous useless books written by people who don’t know anything about watches, but somehow get a book published. Please don’t buy these as it only perpetuates the problem. As a guide to the novice, below are my personal top ten books, in no particular order, that are useful in researching vintage watches

1. Omega Sportswatches – John Goldberger

2. Vintage Panerai, The References – Ralph Ehlers & Volker Wiegmann (reviewed below on Aug 31)

3. Patek Philippe Vol 1 (pocketwatches)- Martin Huber & Alan Banberry

4. Patek Philippe Vol 2 (wristwatches) – Martin Huber & Alan Banberry

5. 100 Superlative Rolex Watches – John Goldberger

6. Heuer Chronographs – Arno Michael Haslinger (reviewed below on Aug 24)

7. Rolex Daytona, A Legend is Born - Carlo Pergola, Stefano Mazzariol, Giovanni Dosso

8. Rolex Submariner Story– Mondani Editoire

9. Rolex GMT Master – Mondani Editoire

10. The Art of Breguet – George Daniels

A less useful book perhaps in terms of its practical application, since you aren’t likely to find one of these watches being offered and the only reason it isn’t on the above list, is John Goldberger’s Patek Philippe Steel Watches. As reviewed below (Sep 14), if you love watches then it is still worth the purchase before it becomes out of print and the price increases. Yes, this is a rare situation where a specialist book can, and I believe will, increase in value.