I confess I don’t watch a lot of television, but when FX announced ‘The People vs OJ Simpson’ series starting in February it seems like a great topic. Like many others, I recall the OJ Simpson case but not the details so was keen to re-live, at least in small part, some of the 90s over again.

While watching the first episode I was also impressed with the seemingly authentic 90’s fashion, including noticing a few characters wearing Gucci style watches (you could only see the bracelet) that would have been correct for the period.  Then John Travolta’s character was introduced. John Travolta is a producer on the show and so obviously feels he doesn’t have to listen to the Prop Master when it comes to what watch he should be wearing, as in one of his first scenes he is clearly seen wearing a pink gold Rolex Daytona with ceramic bezel Ref.116515LN, sure it’s an attractive watch and might fit his characters role, except the OJ case was in 1994 and Rolex launched the 116515 in 2011. So some might forgive John Travolta for wearing a Rolex that didn’t exist during the period the drama is set, only JT is a well know and long-term paid ambassador for Breitling watches. Given Breitling’s rise in popularity really started in the early 1990’s, it would have been perfectly reasonable for his character to wear a yellow gold Chronomat (pink gold wasn’t often used, nor even popular in the early 1990s) such as the 1994 model pictured below, this would have kept the costume design accurate for the period and demonstrated Mr Travolta's integrity regarding his position as a brand ambassador.