What began with me as a curious passion when I was young, developed into a relentless ambition for knowledge and I am pleased to say grew into a successful career. After 25 years years of working with vintage watches,  from my time in London with renowned dealer and mentor George Somlo, to the multiple auction houses where I have been employed as an expert across three continents, my desire to learn and discover has never abated.

I specialize in vintage and limited-edition modern watches as well as select brands that I have a particular interest in. For select collectors, I am available to research and provide written reports regarding authenticity, rarity and value on watches they are looking to acquire, either privately or being offered at auction, as well as search for certain rare examples. For existing collectors I can provide a confidential evaluation with photographed and researched presentation on their collection. I also provide a brokering service for select clients looking to place their important watches with other collectors.  

Charles Tearle

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